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Sujata shevaroys at yahoo.com
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This is a very generalized statement!! There are so
many variables that could affect one's learning of a
new language including knowledge of other languages,
language-learning abilities of an individual, the
effort put in etc.

I don't see any reason why any new idea (backed by
evidence and/or logic) needs to be suffocated for lack
of credentials, when many "theories" and "hypotheses"
are being proposed by 
"scholars" which are just that - theories and
hypotheses with no proof!.
Best wishes,

--- Bill Rea <bsr15 at cantsl.it.canterbury.ac.nz> wrote:

 If you
> learn Hebrew as an adult, and that's what most
> non-Jews have to
> do, it will take several years to become moderately
> fluent in
> the language.> 
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