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On 25/08/2005 17:50, Karl Randolph wrote:

>I think you are confusing idiomatic phrase with compound 
>lexeme. ...

To continue my response to this: Here is a list of idioms or compound 
lexemes using NS', with references, taken from a database I have. Some 
may be debatable, but others seem to me to be in the category of 
compound lexemes. The Hebrew is omitted because in the database it was 
in a non-standard encoding.

\dfe to take (a wife) = to marry
\ref JDG.21:23; RUT.1:4; 2CH.11:21; 13:21; 23:22; 24:3; EZR.9:2,12; 

\dfe to take (one's flesh between one's teeth) = to risk one's life
\ref JOB.13:14

\dfe to lift up (the sword) = to start war
\ref ISA.2:4; MIC.4:3

\dfe to lift up (one's hand) = to swear
\ref EXO.6:8; NUM.14:30; DEU.32:40; NEH.9:15; PSA.106:26; 
EZK.20:5,6,15,23,28,42; 36:7; 47:14; 44:12

\dfe to lift up (one's hand) = to attack
\ref 2SA.18:28; 20:21; PSA.10:12

\dfe to lift up (one's hand) = to beckon, make a signal
\ref ISA.49:22

\dfe to lift up (one's hand) = to bless
\ref LEV.9:22

\dfe to lift up (one's hand) (of the sea) = to lift up its waves
\ref HAB.3:10

\dfe to lift up (one's hand, heart, or soul) = to worship, pray
\ref PSA.24:4; 25:1; 28:2; 63:5; 86:4; 119:48a; 134:2; 143:8; LAM.2:19; 3:41

\dfe to lift up (one's wings) = to fly away
\ref PSA.139:9; EZK.10:16,19; 11:22

\dfe to lift up (of one's heart) = to become arrogant
\ref 2KI.14:10; 2CH.25:19

\dfe to lift up (of one's heart) = to be willing
\ref EXO.35:21,26; 36:2

\dfe to number, take a census
\ref EXO.30:12; NUM.1:2,49; 3:40; 4:2,22; 26:2; 31:26,49; 1CH.27:23

\dfe to raise (a signal) = to build a signal fire
\ref JER.6:1

\dfe to raise (a banner, signal flag)
\ref ISA.5:26; 11:12; 13:2; 18:3; JER.4:6; 50:2; 51:12,27

\dfe to put (one's soul) on something = to count on, be intent on, desire
\ref DEU.24:15; PRO.19:18; HOS.4:8

\dfe to lift up (one's eye, face) = to look up
\ref GEN.13:10,14; 18:2; 22:4,13; 24:63,64; 31:10,12; 33:1,5; 37:25; 
39:7; 43:29; EXO.14:10; NUM.24:2; DEU.3:27; 4:19; JOS.5:13; JDG.19:17; 
1SA.6:13; 2SA.13:34; 18:24; 2KI.9:32; 19:22; 1CH.21:16; JOB.2:12; 
PSA.121:1; 123:1; ISA.37:23; 40:26; 49:18; 51:6; 60:4; JER.3:2; 13:20; 
EZK.8:5; 18:6,12,15; 23:27; 33:25; DAN.8:3; 10:5; ZEC.2:1,5; 5:1,5,9; 6:1

\dfe to grow branches
\ref EZK.17:23

\dfe to be lifted up (of one's eyelids) = to look haughtily
\ref PRO.30:13

\dfe to look up (without shame)
\ref GEN.4:7a; 2SA.2:22; JOB.10:15; 11:15; 22:26

\dfe to show favor, have regard
\ref GEN.4:7a; 19:21; 32:21; DEU.28:50; NUM.6:26; 1SA.25:35; 2KI.3:14; 
5:1; JOB.22:8; 42:8,9; ISA.3:3; 9:14; LAM.4:16; HOS.13:1; MAL.1:8,9

\dfe to be partial
\ref LEV.19:15; DEU.10:17; JOB.13:8,10; 32:21; 34:19; PSA.82:2; 
PRO.6:35; 18:5; MAL.2:9

\dfe to bear (fruit)
\ref JOB.40:20; EZK.17:8; 36:8; JOL.2:22; HAG.2:19

\dfe to lift up (one's voice) = to shout
\ref GEN.21:16; 27:38; 29:11; JDG.2:4; 9:7; 21:2; RUT.1:9,14; 1SA.11:4; 
24:17; 30:4; 2SA.3:32; 13:36; JOB.2:12; PSA.93:3; ISA.24:14; 42:11; 
52:8; NAM.1:5a

\dfe to lift up (one's horn, head) = to be a threat
\ref JDG.8:28; PSA.83:3; HAB.1:3a; ZEC.2:4

\dfe to lift up (one's head; of a gate)
\ref PSA.24:7,9

\dfe to lift up (someone's head) = to release someone from prison
\ref GEN.40:13,20; 2KI.25:27; JER.52:31

\dfe to lift up (one's feet) = to start walking
\ref GEN.29:1

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