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Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
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On 23/08/2005 22:50, Bill Rea wrote:

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>See the seven warning signs of crank science:-
I wondered how many of these warning signs applied to Einstein's 
science, in his miraculous year just 100 years ago when he turned the 
scientific world upside down in a series of papers.. He was certainly 
working alone, outside the scientific establishment who he probably at 
least felt were conspiring against him by not giving him an academic 
post. The scientific effects were indeed at the very limit of detection, 
and he was proposing all kinds of new laws of nature. He did publish in 
a respected and presumably peer-reviewed journal. But would any journal 
have published such papers today, from an unknown patent clerk? I doubt it.

I don't say that anyone on this list is another Einstein. But neither do 
I have much confidence that the academic establishment always works such 
as to promote promising new ideas.

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