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On 22/08/2005 13:29, Ken Penner wrote:

>Second, by far most of the Dead Sea Scrolls containing parts of the Torah
>attest only *one* of the five books per scroll. There are a few exceptions,
>where parts of two books come from the same scroll.

But how significant is this when most of the surviving parts are small 
fragments? It is highly likely that such small fragments would come from 
only one part of a long scroll. And even if fragments from different 
parts of the same scroll do survive, would scholars necessarily know 
that they came from one scroll? A long scroll would come from many 
different skins, and would not necessarily be written by a single 
scribe. This is a good argument only if there are more or less complete 
scrolls of individual books which clearly start at the start of a book 
and/or end at the end of a book.

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