[b-hebrew] Basic observations on WAYYIQTOL

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Mon Aug 22 07:05:56 EDT 2005

On 21/08/2005 01:50, Read, James C wrote:

> We could do it with xml. If we parse the whole text of the tanakh and 
> put each word in an xml
> tag with attributes or within an xml hierarchy which clearly show the 
> forms of each word the
> software would be quite be simple.
> I could write the software for you. The only problem is xml'ing the 
> entire tanakh.
Indeed the software is trivial. And adding markup to the enitre text is 
also essentially trivial although time-consuming. The real problem is 
the need to parse every word in the Tanakh, which is a very difficult 
job, not least because there are many ambiguities such as the one we 
have seen with RAC in Genesis 18:7.

Well, at least two groups have completed this kind of parsing. 
Westminster Theological Seminary has completed a morphological parse, 
see http://www.wts.edu/hebrew/whm.html, and its results are widely 
available. A syntactical parse has been done at the Free University, 
Amsterdam, but the website http://www.th.vu.nl/~wiweb/ giving details of 
this seems to be down at present.

Peter Kirk
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