[b-hebrew] Just a clarification about YHWH and JWs

Sesamo m. sesamox at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 22 04:29:02 EDT 2005

Dear list members,

Some weeks ago, during the discussion about the pronunciation of YHWH, 
Jehovah's witnesses were mentioned among other groups. This is just to 
clarify that we (since I'm one of JWs) don't have any doctrine related to 
the Hebrew pronunciation. We use the form "Jehovah" just because it is the 
traditional form, the most common and most widely used in a lot of languages 
in the world, not because we supposedly believe YeHoWaH was the original 
pronunciation. Our publications have never claim that, and the issue of what 
could have been the original pronunciation is just a question of curiosity 
for us. If a form like YaHWeH, YaHo or whatever could be proved it didn't 
have an impact in our set of beliefs.
A little off-topic, but since we've been alluded I decided to clear this up.


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