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I would add to Karl's  "basic meaning as a verb as  'to treat  with (often 
undeserved) good favor'" that XSD is always granted by  someone with 
comparative advantage over the recipient.  I'd also  define "underserved" favor more 
specifically as favor "which the recipient  cannot justifiably hold as an 
Finally, I wish to contadict the theory that XSD implies a "covenantal"  
relationship between the grantor and the recipient.  I believe that is a  
theological interpretation without linguistic justification.  Of course  there is a 
relationship between the two people involved, only because one  generally is not 
in a position to grant a favor to someone with whom one has no  relationship, 
but it does not need to be "covenantal".
I think an excellent example of the "comparative advantage" aspect of XSD  is 
found in Ruth, where Boaz can grant XSD when he is considered at advantage  
over Ruth in terms of wealth and power, but Ruth can grant XSD when she is  
considered at advantage over Boaz in terms of youth and looks.
Hayyim Obadyah
New York, New  York 10027

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