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Thanks for comment.  The title idea is interesting except 
that Aaron in almost never associated with the ark.  Of the 
298 Aaron is mentioned in the OT, only twice is it a verse 
with the word * ark * in it (which itself occurrs 230 after 
Ex 2:5, before which the ark in question is either Noah's 
of the one Moses rode on in the Nile). In Num 4:5 Aaron and 
his sons are to take the vail off of the ark before the 
camp moves.  In Let 16:2 Aaron is forbiden to come inside 
the vail covering the ark after his sons are killed. In 
both cases, no actual contact between Aaron and arc is 
recorded.  Rather the verses describe comands, Aaron will 
do this and not do that.  

Before Shilon or Jerusalem, the arc was housed in the 
tabernacle.  Aaron is associated with the tabernacle in 33 
verse and with congragation 49 times but never actually 
with the ark.

The ark is perhaps the holiest object between Genesis and 
the 2nd Temple.  Aaron is of course the first high priest 
and founder of the line of Priests in Jerusalem where the 
ark was located from David on to the destruction of the 1st 
Temple.  Yet Aaron and the ark seem to be in parallel, 
separate worlds, never touching.  So I am not certain Aaron 
could be title, except as some sort of * anti-ark * title.

The AHaRoN is forbidend to see the HaARoN.  I don't know.

Jack Tladatsi

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