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Ben Crick ben.crick at argonet.co.uk
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On Wed 17 Aug 2005 (20:59:07 +0100), peterkirk at qaya.org wrote:
> Are you sure that these references are to all three sections of the 
> Hebrew scriptures, and not only to the first two? I ask in reference to
>  the recent mention of Acts 13:15 where, if later Jewish custom is a
> good  guide, the reference is actually to these two sections, and not
> to the  Writings. See also Luke 24:44 where there is an apparent
> explicit  reference to all three sections of Scripture, with the
> Writings referred  to as the Psalms.

 No, Peter, I'm not certain. Luke 24:44 says "... all things must be
 fulfilled, which were written in the law of Moses, and in the prophets,
 and in the psalms, concerning me". Does this mean that the Wisdom
 literature was/is not read in the synagogues?  I don't know.

 I always assumed that when the rich man was told by Abraham that his
 brothers "have Moses and the Prophets" that the whole Hebrew Bible was
 meant (Luke 16:31). On the Emmaus Road, Jesus "beginning at Moses and
 all the prophets, ... expounded to them *in all the Scriptures* the things
 concerning himself". Here the phrase "Moses and the Prophets" would seem
 to include the Writings also.

 This however is peripheral to James Read's question.

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