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Wed Aug 17 18:06:08 EDT 2005

>Did the Oral Torah not preserve the pronunciation of


Read the article again - the function of Oral Torah was to explain 
how to observe the laws in the Written Torah

Again:  Ex: 3:15 "Ze Shmi L'Olam"  "This is my name forever.  Since 
the word L'Olam is spelled without the customary vav, it can be 
pronounced LeAlem, to conceal.  This implies that the Divine Name 
should not be pronounced as it is spelled."  Stone Chumash 
commentary, which continues and cites Rashi and Midrash Pesachim
>Didnt they write it down when they wrote down
>the Oral Torah.


The lack of vowels in Hebrew could
>have been compensated by other languages such as

If the Jews were not taught to pronounce G-d's Shem Meforash, do you 
really think the Greeks knew better?????

If the fear of losing the Oral Torah made the
>Rabbis write it down, they must have feared loss of
>the pronunciation of the name too.

No, because when it will need to be pronounced again, ie; in Temple 
service, G-d will provide the knowledge to the right person/people, 
possibly through having it being handed down - NOT PUBLICLY - 
throughout all the generations.

Somewhat the way Kabbala is taught


>I recall learning from a documentary that there are
>Levites in Tunisia from before the fall of the temple,
>would they not know? Surely there must have been at
>least a few people other than the High Priest that
>would have known the pronunciation at any given time.
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