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Wed Aug 17 17:29:42 EDT 2005

Did the Oral Torah not preserve the pronunciation of
YHWH.  Didnt they write it down when they wrote down
the Oral Torah. The lack of vowels in Hebrew could
have been compensated by other languages such as
Greek. If the fear of losing the Oral Torah made the
Rabbis write it down, they must have feared loss of
the pronunciation of the name too.

I recall learning from a documentary that there are
Levites in Tunisia from before the fall of the temple,
would they not know? Surely there must have been at
least a few people other than the High Priest that
would have known the pronunciation at any given time.

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--- Shoshanna Walker <rosewalk at concentric.net> wrote:

> Maybe or maybe not - but it appears that various
> different variations 
> of observance/non-observance fell by the wayside and
> do not exist 
> today, and that one basic constant remained
> throughout, and it was 
> Oral Torah that kept it.
> Shoshanna
> Lets suppose that the folk at Qumran used one
> method, while the folks in
> Jerusalem used another and the guys in Samaria still
> another.  Judaism
> wasn't, and has never been, and is not now, a
> monolith.
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