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>I have always been led to believe that the torah (in its canonical 
>form) was originally kept on 1
>scroll and considered as 1 book and not 5.
>The LXX has the allegedly first occurence of the now accepted 5 
>books of the torah and the names are
>obviously of Greek origin. However, I notice that BHS also has the 
>torah divided into 5 books, albeit
>with different names, and was wondering what evidence there is to 
>suggest that the torah was originally
>without divisions (in its canonical form).

It would have been physically impossible to contain the entire Torah 
on one scroll.  Impossible.  The thing would have been unusable.

>Are the LXX names of Greek origin only or are they attempts to 
>translate common Jewish practise?


>Was the torah originally one scroll? What is the evidence?

no- and the evidence is the practicality of using such a long scroll 
that it would have taken 5 healthy men to unroll it .

>What is the modern day Jewish practise? 1 scroll or 5?

1 per scroll.
cept the megilloth- 1 scroll
the minor prophets- 1 scroll

>Why did such a change come about? Just to deal with the size or... ?

with the invention of the codex.

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