[b-hebrew] Basic observations on WAYYIQTOL

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Tue Aug 16 18:44:38 EDT 2005

On 16/08/2005 22:18, Read, James C wrote:

>Thanx for that Rolf. It seems that the root of the major misunderstanding between Rolf 
>and Peter is a lack of commonly defined terminology. I think you have clearly defined 
>your use of the term 'semantic meaning with this post.

I understood Rolf's definition of "semantic meaning" perfectly well from 
some years ago, and was using it in my description of his theories. The 
problem is in fact with the word "uncancellable", which Rolf now seems 
to have redefined to mean "can only be cancelled when I can understand why".

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