[b-hebrew] 2Sam24:1 v. Gen18:1-3

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On 16/08/2005 01:17, Dave Washburn wrote:

>>... Of course there are cases of whole
>>Bible books starting with WAYYIQTOL, but that may imply that, within an
>>editorial framework, they were intended to be sequential to the previous
>>book, as is surely intended with Leviticus (WAYYIQRA'...) and Numbers
>Nice try, but even the grammars that present this "standard" view don't reach 
>that far. ...

Well, you can't get me by an appeal to the very authorities which you 
have rejected. This one is not my idea, I understand that Nicacci has 
written a paper proposing this kind of link between biblical books, and 
so also has my friend Noah Lee:

> Lee, S. Noah. 2003. "Cohesion in the books of the Hebrew Bible and its 
> interpretation." Journal of Translation and Textlinguistics 15: 1-26.

(see http://www.sil.org/translation/JOTTIndx.htm)

>... As for books starting with one, I have yet to see an adequate 
>explanation of Jonah 1:1.
Agreed. I think Lee suggests that Jonah is linked by the WAYYIQTOL to 
Obadiah - although this would not be sequential as the last (and only) 
main verb in Obadiah is the X-QATAL in v.1 (the rest is reported speech, 
plus a subordinate clause in v.18). But the start of Jonah just might be 
a case of "bad grammar".

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