[b-hebrew] Gen22:13 YHWHYiReH

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Mon Aug 15 18:03:14 EDT 2005

Since what you are reading is a sentence, "YHWH will see (or,  provide),"  
YHWH in the Masoretic text will have the usual Masoretic  pointing.  If it 
survived as a place name from ancient times, no doubt YHWH  would be unpointed, 
leaving no more clues as to its pronunciation than do other  ancient artifacts 
with the name.
If the Orthodox Stone Edition of the Tanach (Artscroll Mesorah, 1999) is  any 
indication, the "traditional" Jew would treat YHWH traditionally.  The  Stone 
Editon has: "And Abraham called the name of that site 'HASHEM  Yireh.'"
Everett Fox: "Avraham called the name of that place: YHWH Sees."
Aryeh Kaplan (The Living Torah): "Adonoy Yir'eh."
Solomon Landers
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I was  wondering about the pronunciation of YHWHYiR)eH. If the pronunciation 
attested or if it had survived it would give us clues as to the  
pronunciation of the divine 
name. How do you read this  passage?


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