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Hi Shoshanna,

I saw and read your post and thank you for your input.
Shem could not have been Melchizedek unless he had a lifespan much greater than the average 
of his contemporaries.
Your derivation of the name of Jerusalem is interesting but strays a little from what I was 
querying. I was wondering about the pronunciation of YHWHYiR)eH. If the pronunciation was 
attested or if it had survived it would give us clues as to the pronunciation of the divine 
name. How do you read this passage?Do you substitute 'adonai'? Has the original pronunciation of this
place survived anywhere?
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So is everyone saying that this place name has never been considered 
as a single word?

All that aside is anyone aware of any attestations to the 
pronunciation of this place name?

Maybe you didn't see my post:   "After the Akeidah, Abraham called it Yireh"

We learn from a Midrash:

"The original name of the place was Shalem - the name given it by
Shem, son of Noah - whom the sages identify with Malchitzedek, king
of Jerusalem.  After the Akeidah, Abraham called it Yireh.  In
deference to both Shem and Abraham, G-d synthesized both names and
called it Yerushalayim"


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