[b-hebrew] Gen22:13 YHWHYiReH

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Mon Aug 15 13:33:38 EDT 2005

>From where did the sages get this information?
According to proverbs 30:6 "Add thou not unto His
words, lest He reprove thee, and thou be found a
liar."  Am I correct in assuming that the Midrash is
interpretation of the Bible by Jewish sages?
How is it the Jewish belief system include so much
that is outside the Torah? Is there any specific
explanation to this in the Oral Torah?

I still did not find an answer to my earlier question
on the Oral Torah. What was the specific reason the
Oral Torah was kept oral eventhough the regular Torah
was written down? Did God instruct not to write down
part of the Torah?

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> Maybe you didn't see my post:   "After the Akeidah,
> Abraham called it Yireh"
> We learn from a Midrash:
> "The original name of the place was Shalem - the
> name given it by
> Shem, son of Noah - whom the sages identify with
> Malchitzedek, king
> of Jerusalem.  After the Akeidah, Abraham called it
> Yireh.  In
> deference to both Shem and Abraham, G-d synthesized
> both names and
> called it Yerushalayim"
> Shoshanna
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