[b-hebrew] Fw: 2Sam24:1 v. Gen18:1-3

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Shoshanna - when you quote, please let us know what it is you're quoting.


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> They were:
> "In this case the three angels were Michael, who informed Abraham
> that Sarah would have a son; Gabriel, who overturned Sodom; and
> Raphael, who healed Abraham and saved Lot  (The last two tasks,
> healing Abraham and saving Lot, constituted a single mission because
> they were for the sake of rescue)."
> Shoshanna
> I doubt that the text means that one of the "men" was YHWH, accompanied by
> two angels. I'm sure that you know the midrash, that explains that since
> each angel is sent for a single mission at a time (Shoshanna referred to
> this at one point), the angel that was sent to tell Abraham that Sarah
> have a child had done his bit and went back to heaven. The other two
> continued to Sodom, one to destroy the city and the other to save Lot.
> Of course, this interpretation also makes a lot of assumptions that are
> in the text.
> Yigal
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