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Sun Aug 14 22:09:48 EDT 2005

Rashi teaches that this was the guardian angel of Esau, in the guise 
of a man.  The Sages teach that every nation has a guardian angel, an 
intermediary between the nation and G-d.  Two nations, however, are 
different - Israel and Esau - Israel because it does not need an 
intermediary, it is G-d's own people, and Esau, because he epitomizes 
evil therefore his angel is Satan - the prime spiritual force of evil.

Satan, the angel of death and the evil inclination all the same - and 
it is this angel that Jacob had to battle.

And this battle symbolizes the eternal battle between good and evil.


Another fine example which shows the tanakh's faint distinction 
between men, yah and his messengers is
Genesis 32:24-30. We are told here that Jacob grapples all night with 
a 'man'. Are we to take this literally
and understand that Jacob fought with a mortal man? Clearly not! 
Because the context makes it clear that
this was just language which conveyed the point of view in that moment.
Jacob' receives a blessing and we are told that his name is chaged to 
Israel (contender with God) yet we
are told that he ocntended with a 'man'.
In conclusion we are told that Jaco concludes that he had come face 
to face with The God. This is a fine
example of how Yah's messengers take the form of men and are then 
referred to as if God himself when it
is finally perceived that they are his messengers.

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