[b-hebrew] What happened to Jesus' haftarah ?

Dora Smith villandra at austin.rr.com
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I can think of a number of possible explanations why Jesus would have been
reading that passage on teh Sabbath.     One is, the people in that
synagogue weren't as hung up on this rule as you are!

There was considerable variation within Judaism in the first century.
Maybe Jesus' entire region would have been considered sacriligious by your
branch of Judaism.

Jesus belonged to a movement that opposed taking the law to ridiculous

Dora Smith
Austin, Texas
villandra at austin.rr.com
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> Deliberate exclusion
> A perusal of the list of haftarot read today reveals that the
> chapter that Jesus recited in the synagogue in Nazareth is not read
> on any of the days in the Jewish calendar on which a haftarah
> follows the Torah reading that is, on none of the Sabbaths nor on
> any of the major holidays or fast days. This statement also holds
> true for the "special" Sabbaths during the year that is, when the
> Sabbath coincides with rosh hodesh (the first day of the month),
> Hanukkah, one of the intermediate days of Passover or Sukkot, etc.

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