[b-hebrew] What happened to Jesus' haftarah ?

Harold R. Holmyard III hholmyard at ont.com
Sat Aug 13 16:11:57 EDT 2005

Dear Yigal,

>An intersting item off Agade:
>  >From <http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/611676.html>
>What happened to Jesus' haftarah?
>By Hananel Mack

HH: Thanks for the article. One question that came to me as I read 
was how much of the Tanakh is not included in the haftarah readings. 
It seems I noticed once that there was quite a lot of Scripture that 
was not included in the regular annual reading cycle. Now that may 
not include all the readings that Mr. Mack mentions, including the 
three-year reading cycle, the holidays, fast days, and "special 
sabbaths", as well as the variant traditions. But the significance of 
particular omissions of biblical material varies according to how 
much material overall is left out of the haftarahs.

				Harold Holmyard

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