[b-hebrew] masora; pisqaot

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Fri Aug 12 17:20:21 EDT 2005

1.  Can someone refer me to an email list either for Masoretic Studies  or 
for Textual Criticism?
2.  According to William R. Scott's _A Simplified Guide to  BHS_ (p. 1) with 
regard to open and closed paragraphs (petuxot and  setumot): "Over the years, 
increasing inconsistency developed concerning this  difference in format, and 
it was largely ignored by the time of Codex  Leningradensis, which does not 
mark the paragraphs with [pe] or [samekh].   These marks are added by the 
editors of BHS."
a.  What source did the BHS use for the paragraphs?
b.  I have not seen any masoretic note "pisqa be`emtsa pasuq" in  BHS 
(although I only looked in a couple of places where I would expect  it).  Is that 
because Codex Leningradensis had no masoretic tradition of  this characteristic? 
or did BHS ignore it?  Why would L not have it at all  when other manuscripts 
Thanks for any references or clarification.
Hayyim Obadyah
New York, New  York 10027

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