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Dear colleagues

please find below the information concerning the latest issue of 
DavarLogos that has been published recently. Please excuse 

We are happy to report that a new issue of DavarLogos (4.1 
[2005]) has appeared and includes the following articles and 
reviews. We could maintain our very economical international 
subscription rates for 2005 (US$20.00 individual and US$30.00 
institutional). Subscription enquiries should be directed to. 

Martin G. Klingbeil, D.Litt.
Subscription Manager DavarLogos
e-mail: mklingbeil at lsmartin.com.ar

Additionally, institutional subscribers can also contact their 
regional EBSCO office for subscription rates.

DavarLogos is an international peer-refereed journal that 
welcomes submissions focusing upon biblical and theological 
studies (including their respective sub-disciplines). It publishes 
articles in English, Spanish and Portuguese and is indexed in 
Old Testament Abstracts (USA), New Testament Abstracts (USA), 
Religious and Theological Abstracts (USA), Index Theologicus 
(Tübingen), International Review of Biblical Studies (Brill), Bulletin de 
Bibliographie Biblique (Lausanne), and THEOLDI (Innsbruck).

Editorial enquires should be directed to

Gerald A. Klingbeil, D.Litt.
Editor DavarLogos
Universidad Adventista del Plata
25 de Mayo 99
3103 Libertador San Martín/Entre Ríos
e-mail: kling at uap.edu.ar

For more information visit www.uap.edu.ar/davarlogos

Table of Contents of DavarLogos 3.1 (2005)

“El problema del herem en el Pentateuco y su dimensión ritual” 
(Allan Bornapé)—1-16

“The Meaning of ’azda’ in Daniel 2:5, 8 and its Implications for 
Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream” (Ferdinand O. Regalado)—17-37

“La misión posbautismal de la iglesia expresada en los verbos 
sterizo y bebaioo” (Rubén R. Otto)—39-48

“Relevancia y pertinencia actual de la teología de la liberación” 
(Miguel Ángel Núñez)—49-63

“El escritorio digital: software esencial para el quehacer 
teológico” (Gerald A. Klingbeil)—65-80

Critical Book Reviews—81-98

Brueggemann, Walter. An Introduction to the Old Testament: The 
Canon and Christian Imagination (Richard W. Medina)—81-83

Hill, Craig C. In God’s Time: The Bible and the Future (Carmelo L. 

Kitchen, Kenneth A. On the Reliability of the Old Testament (Gerald 
A. Klingbeil)—86-90

Rendtorff, Rolf y Robert A. Kugler, eds. The Book of Leviticus: 
Composition and Reception (Raúl Quiroga)—

Wilson, Gerald H. Psalms. Volume 1: From Biblical Text to 
Contemporary Life (Martin G. Klingbeil)—93-95

Wood, Ralph. The Gospel According to Tolkien: Visions of the 
Kingdom in Middle-Earth (Silvia Scholtus de Roscher)—95-98

Dr. Gerald A. Klingbeil
River Plate Adventist University, 25 de Mayo 99
3103 Libertador San Martin/Entre Rios, ARGENTINA

Professor of OT and ANE Studies
Director of Research Institute/Theology Faculty
Editor DavarLogos

kling at uap.edu.ar

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