[b-hebrew] when is a thread really closed?

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Thu Aug 11 19:41:43 EDT 2005

On 12/08/2005 00:23, Jim West wrote:

>I might be mistaken but I thought this whole "god and evil" thing was 
>Verboten- yet since that announcement 30 emails have come in with the 
>same nonsense continuing back and forth- unabated; lots of heat, plenty 
>of smoke, but not a drop of light.
Strange! I have only seen nine, since Bryan's announcement seven hours 
ago. What has happened to the other 21?

And I note that among those contributing heat and smoke, but no light, 
just one hour before that announcement was yourself.

Peter Kirk
peter at qaya.org (personal)
peterkirk at qaya.org (work)

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