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So, is it the New Testament that determines Christianity, or the later  
promulgations of Church councils?  The tenets you mentioned may be those of  -- 
shall we say, "normative" or "Orthodox" or "council-true" Christianity, but  
history is full of people who loved and slaved for Christ who did not accept all  
of those things.  
Are the "traditions of the councils" of more worth than the "traditions of  
the elders" (anshei knesset ha-gedolah)?
Just as it can be asked who or what determines Judaism, so it can be asked  
who or what determines Christianity.  
Solomon Landers
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Some tenets  in Christianity must be necessarily accepted by
a Christian. If not, you  are no lenger a Christian. The tenets
are shared by all denominations and  are really strict and
inflexible. For example:

1. The  existence of the Holy Trinity,
2. Two natures of  Christ,
3. Jesus saved people on the cross
4. Resurection of Christ and of our bodies,
5. Future  judgement, 

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