[b-hebrew] ANSWER TO JAMES READ Jewish tradition/meaning of yhwh

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Thu Aug 11 09:31:22 EDT 2005

If Moses never received the name of God, etc., then at a bare minimum there  
is no need for it to be in Torat Moshe at all.  If we can accept that, at a  
bare minimum, Moses had anything at all to do with any part of the Torah, or 
any  of the Torah's traditions, then it is passing strange that Moses had not 
heard  the shem ha-mephorash, which is so significantly a part of the Torah, 
even  being a part, as some surmise, of the name of Moses' mother Yocheved 
(Shemot  6:20).
Some readings of the Torah thus indicate that Israel knew about YHWH well  
before the Egyptian slavery.  But they would learn about YHWH in a new way  from 
the time of Moses on.
Solomon Landers
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Shoshanna,  an appeal to authorities is improper scholarly argument.
As a bare minimum,  Moses never told the name to Israelites or Aaron, and
never addresses God  with it, so apparently he didn't receive it


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