[b-hebrew] Evil & God

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Wed Aug 10 22:18:31 EDT 2005

Shoshanna Walker wrote:

> > Just so you know - Judaism does not teach that Satan "fell", that is
> > a Christian idea.
> Well, isn't it rather a judeo-christian idea?
> No, it is a Christian idea

Very laconic :-). I can only reply similarly: no, it isn't.

Ooookay, but it is not Jewish

Now, what do you mean by: 'judaism says that...'?
Which judaism?

Classical Judaism, normative Judaism, rabbinical Judaism, Orthodox 
Judaism, Torah Judaism, etc.

There are not SO many different teachings within Judaism.

(NOT including Reform Judaism, Reconstructionist Judaism, Karaites)

I know you don't want to make your letter long, but on what 
information/knowledge/Jewish education, do you base your 
disagreements with the rabbi?  Are you saying that your learning is 
equal to or more than, his?


I would agree if you said: 'many
rabbis, for instance rabbi Miller, say that...'
Than I would answer: 'And other rabbis say something
different, and they are as good as rabbi Miller!'
Of course, you may say to that: but the Jewish Bible
says...!' Yes, but if it were possible to unequivocally
construe the Bible, there woud not exist so many
different teachings within judaism.

I cannot agree with rabbi Miller in many points
but I would like to make my letter too long.

Regards -

Pawel Sajdek

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