[b-hebrew] married to Asherah

Jim West jwest at highland.net
Wed Aug 10 15:39:26 EDT 2005

Uri is correct- until we apply the text critical method here and say 
"manuscripts are weighed, not counted".  It may indeed be true that 
hundreds of inscriptions and scrawlings and scratchings have Yahweh 
alone.  But, that one or two have him hooked up with Asherah is 
nonetheless important.  It demonstrates that Yahweh was seen to have a 
spouse (like many other deities of the ANE) at least is some quarters.  
Further, it demonstrates that the HB's suggestion thatYahweh is "unique" 
in this regard would not wash in some places.

Uri is, again, correct that many scholars make their living out of the 
sensational.  Lord knows Shanks would be out of business with BAR if 
there weren't such stories.  But, that noted, the fact of the evidence 
is out there is not diminished by the greed or fame factor.

and to you too Uri!


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