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Here is another thought form a website that appears to
be Samaritan.

Thoughts of A Karaite: Yohanan Shalom Jacobson

  Originally the Samaritans or Shamerim (keepers, as
they call themselves)were divided into two groups,
Dosithean and Sabbuai. The Sabbuai later became known
as the Kushaniyya, the modern day Samaritans are from
this group. The Kushaniyya refused to pronounce the
divine name and supplanted it with the term Shema
(Aramaic for "The Name"). The Dositheans on the other
hand used the divine name, but as they no longer exist
it cannot be known how they pronounced the divine
name. Many scholars claim that the pronunciation of
the Divine Name as "Yahweh" is accurate due to
Samaritan inscriptions written in Greek which write
the Divine Name as "Yabe."  The Samaritans in most
instances pronounce beth, veth, waw, pe and fe as a
"b".  But what these scholars fell to realize is that
the Samaritans like the Rabbinates subsituted a the
Name with another word when they came accross the Name
written in the Torah.  The Samaritans unlike the
Rabbinates did not read Adhonai when they came accross
the Divine Name, but "yabe" or innon-Samaritan
pronunciation "yafe" (Beautiful). Therefore the
pronunciation of the divine name as Yahweh is
inaccurate based upon the Samaritan/Kushaniyya desire
'not' to pronounce the divine name. Thus, not even the
Samaritans to our knowledge remained as one group, who
were in complete agreement with one another. 


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