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If we're listing bibliography, it might be good to add now Mark Smith's 
latest, The Memoirs of God (Fortress [?], 2004) and David Penchansky, 
Twilight of the Gods (WJK, 2005). Smith's is up to his usual par. I've 
just started reading Penchansky, and found a couple of quibbles in the 

Jucci wrote:

>Mark S. Smith, Early History of God: Yahweh and the Other Deities in 
>Ancient Israel (Second Edition and New Introduction), Preface to the 
>Second Edition
>Jacques Berlinerblau, Official Religion and Popular Religion in 
>Pre-Exilic Ancient Israel
>Mark S. Smith, The Origins of Biblical Monotheism: Israel's 
>Background and the Ugaritic Texts (Oxford/New York: Oxford University 
>Press, 2001)
>J. Severino Croatto, La Diosa Asherá en el antiguo Israel: el aporte 
>epigráfico de la arqueología
>11.02.01 http://www.severinocroatto.com.ar/media/publicaciones/2.doc
>Carole R. Fontaine Women In Judaism 2002, Review: Judith M. Hadley, The 
>Cult of Asherah in Ancient Israel and Judah. University of Cambridge 
>Oriental Publications, 57. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2000
>Frédéric Gangloff, Yhwh ou les Déesses-Arbres? (Osée Xiv 6-8)
>Vetus Testamentum XLIX, 1, 1999, 34-48
>J.A. EMERTON, “Yahweh And His Asherah”: The Goddess Or Her Symbol?
>Vetus Testamentum XLIX,3 1999, 315-337
>Elio Jucci
>SETH - Semitica et Theologica
>"Ex magno amoris incendio tantus uirtutis decor in animo crescit ..."
>Dora Smith wrote:
>>married to Asherah.
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