[b-hebrew] Josiah's book of the Law

Dave Washburn dwashbur at nyx.net
Mon Aug 8 10:22:14 EDT 2005

On Monday 08 August 2005 05:17, Dora Smith wrote:
> Actually, archeological work proves that the religious faith of Israel at
> the time bore little resemblance to the Yahwism inflicted by Josiah's
> pogrom.

Purely a matter of opinion and interpretation.  We know from the Bible itself 
that kings and other people weren't always faithful to YHWH, that's one of 
the main topics of Kings.

> For instance, there was a sacred pole or tree (which is known, I just don't
> remember which) in the Temple.

Kings tells us this, but AFAIK, archaeologists haven't found it yet (probably 
because Josiah burned it).

> And graffitti scrawled everywhere - in and out of Jerusalem - blessing
> Yahweh and Ba'al and their jointly held wife, Asherah.

Um, no.  There's one inscription, rather vague, and it was definitely not in 

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