[b-hebrew] Josiah's book of the Law

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Actually, archeological work proves that the religious faith of Israel at
the time bore little resemblance to the Yahwism inflicted by Josiah's

For instance, there was a sacred pole or tree (which is known, I just don't
remember which) in the Temple.

And graffitti scrawled everywhere - in and out of Jerusalem - blessing
Yahweh and Ba'al and their jointly held wife, Asherah.
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> >5) As the temple was completely destroyed by the babylonians and then
later rebuilt, there
> >is no reliale way of archeologically establishing when the original
temple was built.
> >
> >
> It is unlikely that every trace was destroyed, rather than being built
> over. So there is in fact a good chance that some traces of the first
> Temple remain on the Temple Mount, built over by two later Jewish
> Temples, a Roman one, and the Islamic Dome of the Rock.
> >6) In fact, we cannot archeologically establish if there ever was a first
> >
> >
> The problem is more that no one will allow the archaeology to be done.
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