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Dear Bryan,

Now I realize that we use the concept clause-initial (I have used 
sentence-initial with the same meaning) very differently. For me a 
clause-initial verb is one that begins a clause with no element preceding. I 
use the term "clause" in the normal sense: "a syntagm that contains subject 
and verbal ( implicit or explicit verbal)". Basically I find that this 
definition accords with Masoretic pointing. Above )TM, the word before the 
YIQTOL we are discussing, we find a zaqef qaton, which is a strong accent. 
This marks the end of the previous clause, as I see it.

In 3) I find four clauses:

a) "In the place where it was said (YIQTOL) to them"  verbal clause
b) "`You are not my  people,`"  nominal clause
c) "it will be said (YIQTOL) to them" verbal clause
d) "`The sons of the living God`"  nominal clause with implicit "you are"

On the basis of the analysis above, I find that the YIQTOL in 3) is clause 

Best regards

Rolf Furuli
University of Oslo

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> Hi Rolf,
> A minor detail:
> Rolf Furuli wrote:
>  There can be no
>> doubt that the first YIQTOL of 3) has past reference, and the second has
>> future reference even though the conjugation is the same. This is fixed 
>> by
>> the context. The first YIQTOL is preceded by a relative particle, and the
>> second is sentence initial. The second YIQTOL is an example of a sentence
>> initial YIQTOL that is not modal. I have not tried to make the aspects
>> visible for the English reader, only the temporal references of the 
>> verbs.
>> 1) "And he spoke (WAYYIQTOL) to her.: `Because I spoke (YIQTOL) to Naboth
>> the Jezreelite and said (WAYYIQTOL)  to him...`" 1 Kings 21:6
>> 2) "And Zebul said (WAYYIQTOL) to him:`Where is your big talk now, you 
>> who
>> said (YIQTOL)..." Judg 9:38
>> 3) "In the place where it was said (YIQTOL) to them, `You are not my
>> people,` it will be said (YIQTOL) to them, `The sons of the living God`"
>> Hosea 1:9 (10).
> The second yiqtol in 3 is not clause-initial; IOW it is an X-yiqtol.
> The X is bimqom 'asher ye'amer lahem lo' `amiy 'atem.
> Shalom,
> Bryan
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