[b-hebrew] Josiah's book of the Law

Yishmor Y yishmor at heplist.com
Sun Aug 7 16:01:26 EDT 2005

Dora writes :
    > It makes the most sense to think that a document was
    > actually produced to legitimize the pogrom. Such a
    > document is consistent wtih the stated purpose of the
    > pogrom to return Israel to its allegedly ancient ways. I
    > think it was manufactured by the priests.

I also believe that the document was manufactured to legitimize reforms 
which were already being instituted. First point, it is rather 
convenient that we would find a scroll that it alone agrees with the 
radical changes already being pushed through by Josiah and Hilkiah. 
Second, instead of going to the "big name" prophets (Jeremiah and 
Zechariah) to get a third party testimony that the document was legit, 
they went to a no-name prophetess with family connections to those who 
would have written the document. Both, by themselves, should each have 
raised red flags.

It is my opinion that this found "lost scroll" was the book of 
Deuteronomy (Debariym) as it best fits all the key points of the 
description and situation.

yišmor busi

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