[b-hebrew] The translation of ehyeh-- its meaning

Vadim Cherny VadimCherny at mail.ru
Sun Aug 7 12:33:17 EDT 2005

wanted to explain the meaning of an
> >exisiting name YHWH but simply did not know it, beyond
> > the memory that a much earlier HWH was in his time
> >equivavlent to HYH. ...
> >
> An alternative which makes a lot more sense is that the original form of
> the saying Ehye asher ehye goes back to that earlier time. The statement
> was perhaps originally Ehwe asher ehwe, but became "modernised" at some
> later stage.

Isn't it odd beyond credibility that only in Torah a divine name sounds like
this, "verb who is a verb"? I am not aware of a divine name anywhere in the
world with remotely the same structure. Isn't it more plausible that ehye
asher ehye is a simple phrase, perhaps idiom, not a name?

Vadim Cherny

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