[b-hebrew] Oral Torah: (WAS: Is.45:7 God created evil?)

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Sun Aug 7 10:31:26 EDT 2005

This article might be of interest


While I do not rule this out as a possibility I would have great difficulty
in accepting the oral torah as being 'god-breathed' if it were to contradict
the fundamental ideas in the tanakh.
Another difficulty I have is how the oral torah could have survived through
Mennaseh's rule. The law that Josiah read was evidently very knew knowledge
to him.
However, non-the-less I am interested in hearing what the oral torah has to
say on this matter.

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Not everything is written in the written Torah/Tanach, there is a lot
of information in the Oral Torah, that was given to Moshe at the same
time, and then written down when we were dispersed


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