[b-hebrew] The translation of ehyeh-- its meaning

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    A totally different approach:
    By saying "I am/will be who I am/will be"  or, to
use Brian's translation below "I intend to be what I
always am", a speaker does not give out any
information about himself.
    The scribe wanted to explain the meaning of an
exisiting name YHWH but simply did not know it, beyond
 the memory that a much earlier HWH was in his time
equivavlent to HYH. He therefore produced  an 
enigmatic statement, which would not have made sense
to him, but was sufficient to cover his ignorace 
since it was attributed to the deity. In other words,
the three words "ehyeh asher ehyeh"  indicate the
ignorance of the scribe or copier. 



--- "B. M. Rocine" <brocine at twcny.rr.com> wrote:

."...  I take ehyeh 'asher ehyeh to mean, "I
> intend to be what I 
> always am." "... 
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