[b-hebrew] Is.45:7 God created evil?

Jim West jwest at highland.net
Fri Aug 5 10:49:16 EDT 2005

Read James C wrote:

>I do not want to get invovled in a futile debate about the authorship of Job but even
>critics agree that it was composed long before Kings and Chronicles and so for the 
>purposed of our discussion the book of Job provides a good context in understanding 
>what could seem to be a contradiction.

What critics would these be?

>The book of Job clearly identifies trials and temptation as originating with a fallen 
>angel named Satan (adversary).

ummm--- Job does no such thing.  In fact, haSatan has access to God- is 
questioned by God and answers most respectably, and is given orders by 
God which he is to carry out.  He is no "fallen angel"- he is in the 
council of God.  to eisegete angelology into Job is a tremendous 
exegetical mistake.

>Furthermore, your current understanding of 2Sam 24 does not make sense if we are to 
>understand it as a chain of events.
>1) Yah gets angry
>2) He gets David to commit a sin
>The following questions arise:
>1) Why did Yah get angry?

David ticked him off- so he wanted to get even.

>2) Surely if we are to understand that he got angry before the sin then there must have been another
>reason for his anger. What was that reason?

david's whole manner of being perhaps?  his greed, lust, murderousness, 
name it.

>3) If so, did Yah get David to sin just because he was already angry about something else?
>4) Does this line of thinking have any logic what-so-ever?

what are you looking for logic for?  the narrative is as little 
concerned with logic as (insert name of any politician here) is. 


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