[b-hebrew] Meaning of YHWH

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There is of necessity speculation and interpretation about the meaning of  
YHWH because it appears to be an old form and an old name, and the name of deity 
 besides.  So what it "means" has to be read in the context of the fullest  
narrative in which it appears, i.e., the Bible.
As should be obvious just from reading this forum, there is disagreement on  
the "exact" meanings of many things related to the Hebrew language.   Learning 
is a work in progress.  Exactitude is perhaps yet a ways into the  future.
Solomon Landers
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Another  confusing factor is that proponents of the Hiphil form say that the  
indicates that Yah causes *himself* to become whatever is needed in  order to 
save his people. This adds much more confusion to the matter  because this 
require the verb to be reflexive as Yah would be acting  upon *himself* by 
*himself* to become something he previously  wasn't. To the best of my 
the Hiphil cannot express a reflexive  action and this interpretation would 
for another  form.

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