[b-hebrew] The lazy dog

Pere Casanellas pcasanel at xtec.net
Fri Aug 5 07:58:23 EDT 2005

You should delete from your list Neh 3:15; Isa. 17:11, and Dan 5:7, 
because these verses do not have a samekh as Biblical text (that is to 
say: they have only a small samekh at the end of the verse, to indicate 
a closed paragraph).

(If you want me to send you the BibleWorks ASE search to find only these 
verses, let me know, please.)

If you do not want to make a distinction between sin and shin, the list 
becomes longer (26 verses): Exo. 16:16; Deu. 4:34; Isa. 23:13; 2Ki. 
4:39; 6:32; 7:8; 2Ch 26:11; Ezr. 7:28; Neh. 3:7; Est. 3:13; Eccl. 4:8; 
Isa. 5:25; 66:17; Jer. 22:3; 32:29; Ezek. 17:9; 38:12; Dan. 2:45; 3:22; 
4:20; 7:19; Hos. 10:8; 13:2; Amos. 9:13; So 3:8; Zech. 6:11.

Best wishes,

Pere Casanellas
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Martin Arhelger wrote:

>According to Bible-works, there are several Verses which fit your
>Deut. 4:34; 2 Ki. 7:8; 2 Chr. 26:11; Ezr. 7:28; Neh. 3:15; Est. 3:13; Eccl.
>4:8; Isa. 17:11; 66:17; Jer. 22:3; 32:29; Ezek. 17:9; 38:12; Dan. 5:7; Hos.
>10:8; Hos. 13:2; Zech. 6:11
>(BTW: I have not looked for final-letters in these verses which might be of
>interest for young learners, too.)
>Martin Arhelger
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>>Perhaps many of you are familiar with the sentence "The quick brown fox
>>jumps over the lazy dog" which contains all of the letters of the
>>English alphabet and which is used for typing classes and such. I was
>>wondering, do any of you know of such a sentence or a verse in the
>>Hebrew Bible which contains all the letters of the Hebrew aleph-bet? I
>>would like to use something like that as a drill in first-year Hebrew
>>for learning the aleph-bet. Thanks!

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