[b-hebrew] Meaning of YHWH

Awohili at aol.com Awohili at aol.com
Thu Aug 4 19:21:05 EDT 2005

I don't *know* but will hazard a guess.  If I recall correctly, the  most 
likely reason is that, though a hiphil of hyh/hwh is unattested in the  Bible, 
such a form in 3ms would be "yahweh,"  which in turn would be the  same as 
certain ancient Greek transliterations of the Name, i.e. IABE, IAOUA/E,  etc.
In other words, if such a form existed it would conveniently confirm the  
Greek traditions.  And in meaning, it would describe "Yahweh" as the  Creator and 
Fulfiller of his promises, a rather handy bridge between Genesis and  Exodus 
in particular.
Solomon Landers
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I hate to  keep pressing the point but does anyone know why there is an 
that  YHWH is 3ms hiphil of ehyeh Qal?

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