[b-hebrew] OT- perspective (was Josiah's book of the Law)

Dave Washburn dwashbur at nyx.net
Thu Aug 4 18:12:17 EDT 2005

On Thursday 04 August 2005 14:18, Jim West wrote:
> Brian Roberts wrote:
> >> The DtrH does not find its genesis (thats a funny yet ironic phrase)
> >> in the period of Josiah.  It was written after the exile.  And
> >> probably during the Hasmonean period.
> >
> > And which authorial strands do you believe to have been written in the
> > Hasmonean period? Yahwist? Deuteronomist? Elowist? Priestly?
> There are no authorial strands aside from the compsite work we call the
> DtrH.  The Documentary Hypothesis has been set aside in recent
> historical / methodological investigations.  And yes, the DtrH in the
> form we have it at present (unless theres another form in some scroll as
> yet undiscovered) was composed, in my estimation, in the Hasmonean period.

I sorta get the feeling you guys are talking right past each other.  Jim's 
DtrH is Noth's so-called "Deuteronomic History" which includes everything 
from Joshua thru Kings.  DH, Documentary Hippopotamus, relates strictly to 
the Pentateuch.  I get the feeling the abbreviations may have caused some 
misunderstanding.  Just my two pistoozas' worth of observation.

Dave Washburn
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