[b-hebrew] OT- perspective (was Josiah's book of the Law)

Brian Roberts formoria at carolina.rr.com
Thu Aug 4 15:58:02 EDT 2005

On Thursday, August 4, 2005, at 03:50  PM, Jim West wrote:

> The DtrH does not find its genesis (thats a funny yet ironic phrase) in 
> the period of Josiah.  It was written after the exile.  And probably 
> during the Hasmonean period.

And which authorial strands do you believe to have been written in the 
Hasmonean period? Yahwist? Deuteronomist? Elowist? Priestly?

>  But you are right- there is scant archaeological evidence for anything 
> in the Hebrew Bible.

Jim, you misrepresent me here. I never made that statement. And it's 
certainly not true. I can trudge out refutations if you like, but that 
would be beyond the scope of the thread. Perhaps something offlist if 
you need to be brought up to speed on the archaeological discoveries.

> Brian Roberts wrote:
>> I realize it's an off-topic aside, but isn't interesting, to say the 
>> least, that the predominant model for biblical criticism (DH) finds 
>> its genesis in the period of Josiah, a period for which there is no 
>> more archaeological evidence for a temple than there is in the period 
>> of Solomon. And yet, so much rests on it, as if it were a strong 
>> foundation.
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