[b-hebrew] Is.45:7 God created evil?

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> Another note on the subject. The reason I'm asking is that this verse was a 
> basis of Meister Ekchart's claim that God created evil (see his 
> "Commentaries on Genesis" C.36), and this statemen of course was condemned by Roman 
> Pontificat. Probably Vulgata really has "evil" in this verse (I don't have Vugata 
> text , so I'm just guessing), and it looks like Ekchart interpreted this 
> verse of Isaiah literally.
> Evgeny 

Hi Evgeny,

I copied and pasted the following text on Is. 45:7 from Vines' Dictionary, 
found in my Bible Software, I thought you might find it interesting.

"Topics: SIN 
Transliterated: ra' 

"Text:  "bad; evil; wicked; sore." The root of this term is disputed. Some 
scholars believe that the Akkadian term raggu ("evil; bad") may be a cognate. 
Some scholars derive ra' from the Hebrew word ra'a' ("to break, smash, crush"), 
which is a cognate of the Hebrew rasas ("to smash, break to pieces"); rasas in 
turn is related to the Arabic radda ("to crush, bruise"). If this derivation 
were correct, it would imply that ra' connotes sin in the sense of destructive 
hurtfulness; but this connotation is not appropriate in some contexts in 
which ra' is found."

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