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try this soren

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>Can anyone recommend a "key" to what's considered Prietsly, Yahwistic etc. in the Pentateuch? I don't particularly want to start a discussion on the *validity* of the documentary hypothesis, I'm simply interested in showing students an easy way to find out what adherents of the hypothesis *mean*, when they say "J source" etc.
>    I know only of the three listed below myself. Eissfeldt confusingly has a fourth "layman's source" (a sort of proto-J) in addition to J, E and P, and of course cannot take into account later scholarship (like, is E and J really one source?), so it's a bit confusing for the uninitiated. Smend is fine for reading the presumed J and P sources as consecutive documents, but troublesome to look things up in. And I haven't been able to lay my hands on Campbell/O'Brien (it's at the library of Aarhus University the other end of Denmark, where all the good books seem to be hidden away).
>     Could there be a web site out there, that I've overlooked, which collects all the information?
>kol tuv
>*	O. Eissfeldt, Hexateuch-Synopse, Leipzig: Hinrich's, 1922
>*	R. Smend, Alttestamentliches Lesebuch, Hamburg: Siebenstern, 1974
>*	Campbell, A. F. og M. A. O'Brien, Sources of the Pentateuch. Texts, Introductions, Annotations, Minneapolis, MN: Fortress, 1993
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