[b-hebrew] YHWH pronunciation

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Thu Aug 4 09:47:37 EDT 2005

On 04/08/2005 14:12, Vadim Cherny wrote:

>>Vadim, this is not true. If by "Jews" you mean people speaking from Jewish
>>tradition, then Jewish tradition does not have a vocalization of the
>>Tetragrammaton, and cosiders it forbidden to pronounce. And I know of no
>>Jewish source that understands the Tetragrammaton as anything but a proper
>>That there are individual Jews, including perhaps some on this list, who
>>have concluded that YHWH is a verb and that it may have been vocalized in
>>one way or another, is their privelage. None of them speak for Jewish
>I meant only common pronunciation, which corresponds to niphal. It is not
>the only one, but quite common.
Which common pronunciation corresponds to Niphal? I have not heard 
anyone propose anything like the probable Niphal form Yehawe (in which 
the first vowel must be a full tsere, not a sheva).

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