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Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Thu Aug 4 09:41:41 EDT 2005

On 04/08/2005 13:16, Yitzhak Sapir wrote:

>Peter Kirk wrote:
>>Is this list of Phoenician month names intended to be in order, and if
>>so, starting at what point in the year? ...
>My understanding is that it isn't in any particular order. ...  Perhaps yrx xyr is derived from the 
>widely attested month of the Xiaru festival, ("donkey festival"), from which
>I think the month Iyyar is derived.  I guess this would indicate a borrowing 
>of the month name by Phoenicians since I understand the Hebrew (and 
>Phoenician?) word in this case is (ayyir. ...
Thanks for the clarification.

On the issue of "the widely attested month of the Xiaru festival, 
("donkey festival")", do you know of any evidence for which month, 
relative to the solar year, this was celebrated? I am interested in this 
for another purpose.

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