[b-hebrew] Exodus 3:14 ehyeh asher ehyeh

kgraham0938 at comcast.net kgraham0938 at comcast.net
Thu Aug 4 09:39:37 EDT 2005

I have always felt that "I AM" was a better translation than "I will be" simply because "I will be" does not answer Moses' question.

Moses says " W:'AMRW-LIY  MA  &:MO"  "and they shall say to me what is his name"  And the Lord replies 'EHYEH 'A$ER 'EHYEH.

In my mind I will be, does not answer Moses' question.   That is why I think I AM is better translation.

Kelton Graham 
KGRAHAM0938 at comcast.net

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