[b-hebrew] Everett Fox's Exodus 3:14

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Thu Aug 4 08:06:31 EDT 2005

I deleted it by mistake, but someone asked how Everett Fox translates  Exodus 
"God said to Moshe:
EHYEH ASHER EHYEH/ I will be-there howsoever I will be-there.
And he said:
Thus shall you say to the Children of Israel:
EHYEH/ I-WILL-BE-THERE sends me to you."
In his comments, Fox notes that "The syntax is difficult.  Others, 'I  am 
that I am.'"  Further, "There is some scholarly consensus that the name  may mean 
'He who causes (things) to be,' or perhaps, 'He who is.'"
Fox acknowledges that the matter is unsettled, but his translation goes  with 
the "I will be (there)" idea.
Solomon Landers

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