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On 04/08/2005 12:33, Yitzhak Sapir wrote:

> ...
>Abib is probably not a Phoenician month name.  Phoenician month 
>names are known: "From the last centuries [B.C.E.] most of the months 
>of the Phoenician calendar are attested in Semitic inscriptions from Sidon,
>Kition, Idalion, Tamossos, Larnax Lapethos, Pyrgi, and Carthage: yrx
>bl, yrx mp), yrx mrp), yrh zbx$m$, yrh )tnm, yrx p(lt, yrx krr, yrx zhx,
>and yrx xyr."  [The Cultic Calendars of the ANE, Mark Cohen, p. 384]
>As you can see, both Bul and Etanim are attested here. ...

Is this list of Phoenician month names intended to be in order, and if 
so, starting at what point in the year? If so, we have a contradiction 
with the biblical record. In 1 Kings 8:2 Ethanim is the 7th month, and 
in 6:38 Bul is the 8th month (and counting from Nisan is assumed), so 
these two months are successive; but in the Phoenician calendar they are 
four months apart. Do you know of any resolution of this, except for 
suggesting that the biblical text is confused?

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